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About The Author

Tim Peers is an author, blogger and occasional dustman from Norfolk, England. Born in 1974 to parents who had no idea what they were letting themselves in for, he is a man of many talents, which regrettably do not include focus. He has been a singer in several bands, most notably Last Paradigm, and enjoys music, writing, and miniature war-gaming, along with following a rigorous exercise plan known as "The Kettle Is Downstairs." 

He also once crossed a drainage ditch on a ladder used as an improvised bridge to rescue a sheep from an electric fence.

The first book of The Thelenic Curriculum, "The Wake of Manadar", published in 2015, was his long-awaited debut novel, and was followed in 2018 by "The Third Mirror" and in 2019 by "The Flyblown Crusade"

He has, on occasion, been thought by small children and other very perceptive people to look like a wizard. But probably not a very good one.

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