The Novels of the Thelenic Curriculum


A single snowball in the wrong place can start an avalanche. The wrong word in the wrong ear can bring down an empire.

What, then, might be the consequences of a cybernetically-enhanced intelligence agent being plucked from her own reality and flung headlong into a world of magic and legends?

Operative Amanda Devereux and the people of the Empire of the Thelenic Curriculum are about to find out, and neither is prepared for the answer.

The Wake of Manadar

ISBN-13: 978-1973701538

Three lives, two worlds, one war.

Magister Jocasta Adaran is besieged in the crystal-walled city of Manadar, last redoubt of the failed Royalist rebellion against the forces of the Lily College. Behind the opposing lines, her distant cousin Thalia journeys to the front with supplies for the encamped army. As the mighty Petard Engines hammer their defences, the desperate Royalists gamble everything on one last effort to win the war at a stroke.

Meanwhile, universes away, Operative Amanda Devereux reports to the Henderson Building in Detroit to undergo a procedure that will enhance her already potent AI-enhanced nanotech infiltration and combat abilities.

These three lives will intersect in a way no-one could have anticipated, and two worlds will never be quite the same again.

Science fiction and fantasy collide head-on in a sprawling tale best summed up as Ghost in the Shell meets Dungeons and Dragons.

The Third Mirror

ISBN-13: 978-1986055550

Magic and technology entwine and clash in the sequel to The Wake of Manadar.

The sole survivor of a magical catastrophe that flung her into a strange new world and annihilated two cities, Operative Amanda Devereux is gradually finding a place for herself in the Empire of the Thelenic Curriculum. Unknown to her, the repercussions of the Disaster of the Wake are still unfolding. 

The vast empire of the Daxalai schemes to bring the eastern lands under their benevolent dominion, the Dragons of the Parliament brood and plot, and the enigmatic Whales of the Blue Council deliver a cryptic warning. 

Meanwhile, her devious new employer has a grudge against one of her few real friends and her own relationship may be nothing more than a magical side-effect. And still, the warning of the Whales persists.

“There was a third mirror....”

The Flyblown Crusade

ISBN-13: 9781521583746

“My hand is open, as is my heart.”The traditional greeting of the people of the Dendaril Hegemony still holds true centuries after their realm was founded. But what was once a warm promise of friendship is now feared by those few who know the true nature of the Dendaril. To the Free Tribes, they are the Fly Lords, bearers of the affliction known only in ancient songs as The Woe. To the Magisters of the Lily College, they are the thralls of the Shrive-Ticks, symbiotic insects that bring health, strength and peace of mind to those they infest at the cost of their entire identity.

Now, after a millennium of silence, the Dendaril are moving. To face them in battle unprotected is to become them, and there is nowhere to run. To Magister Thalia Daran, who fears herself responsible, falls the task of enlisting the aid of the Royal Knights of Abelia, whose sealed battle-armour and Golem automata are immune to the parasites. But the Abelians killed her father, and he himself was responsible for the death of the previous king, a fact Queen Tondarin II has not forgotten. Thalia's ally, the dimensionally-shifted Operative Amanda Devereux, searches for hidden secrets that may hinder her as much as they help.

Meanwhile, the fiercely independent Free Tribes face a stark choice between allying with a hated enemy, or losing themselves to the Woe forever. And in the Empire of the Thelenic Curriculum, Arch-Chancellor Derelar Thane finds troubling questions about his spy-master that must be answered.Magic and technology, love and hate, the weight of history and the march of progress combine in the third novel of the Thelenic Curriculum, The Flyblown Crusade.