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United World Nations Office of Special Operations

"Pacem in Tenebris"

Specification document for Class IX Revision 6.3 Infiltration Operative, Female Template

Level Alpha classification.

Materials specifications included in attached appendices (Sigma or higher clearance required)

Document File Reference: 4537734/OSO


PHYSICAL APPEARANCE TEMPLATE: Full standard human, female.

AUGMENTATION STEALTH LEVEL: 10-Omega: Able to defeat security scanners of ISA Rating 17 and lower. (Office standard scanners are ISA Rated 25, can detect approx. 24.6% of 'Desdemona' class modifications.)

SKIN COMPOSITE: Triple-layer composite armouring in three levels:

LEVEL 1: Surface layer. TruHuman® organic skin with customisable pigmentation, DNA profile and thumb/ footprints. Micro-cilia on hands and feet for adherence and climb assistance.

LEVEL 2: Sub-dermal armour. Kevlar®-silk composite weave.

LEVEL 3: Subcutaneous gel armour. Simulates body fat and provides protection against blunt-impact trauma.

FACIAL CUSTOMISATION: Compatible with standard Visageo® series 4 or later faces. Minor reconfiguration possible in the field via skeletal actuators but not presently capable of deceiving facial recognition above ISA Rating 4 in this revision.

BODY HAIR CUSTOMISATION: TruHuman® organic hair on both body and head. Retractable/ extendable (body hair 0.5”, head hair up to 3') Customisable pigmentation. No tactical modifications/ applications.

MUSCULAR AUGMENTATION: Hercuweave® fibre-bundle muscle augmentation.

MAXIMUM MUSCULAR OUTPUT: 3248 pounds/ square inch. (varies by muscle group)

SKELETAL REINFORCEMENT: Full Atlas® titanium-alloy bone replacement. All bone groups capable of withstanding 120% of maximum output of associated muscle groups as per Office safety regulation 372 section 5. (See attached report: 'SUCS calibration to avoid skeletal/ muscular separation or fracture in opposed motion situations' Ref 153674/OSO.)

ENDOCRINE SYSTEM: Full replacement package. Visageo Nightingale® medical suite with nanite integration. Redundant wetware (ovaries, womb, mammary glands) removed and replaced. NOTE: Operative is able to experience normal sexual function and display natural physiological and psychological reactions in accordance with psychological and operational stealth guidelines. For simulated pregnancy packages, see the XN-316 'Cuckoo' project. (Ref 99523/OSO)

RESPIRATORY SYSTEM: Full replacement package. Visageo Triton® aquatic respiration support system, auxiliary onboard oxygen supply. Nightingale® integrated toxin-filtration/ purgation system. NOTE: reduced organic tissue in 'Desdemona' class correspondingly reduces respiratory requirements by 60-80% (tactical situation-dependant)

CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM: Partial replacement package. Despite reduced organic tissue, full blood circulation is maintained for camouflage purposes. (See attached report: 'Preventing low-tech Infiltrator detection- the Schwarzenegger Doctrine.' Ref 863531/OSO) AortaHydra® distributed pumping system backed up by natural heart. (Original part preferred, but transplant organs are acceptable.)

DIGESTIVE SYSTEM: Augmented natural. Nightingale® integrated toxin-filtration/ purgation system. Inorganic material extraction system for use in nano-manufacture. Full ability to eat, drink and excrete in accordance with psychological and operational stealth guidelines. (Ref 325564/OSO)

SENSORY SYSTEM: Full replacement. Audio sensors including ultra high-gain, high-resolution filtering and ranging/ detection into ultrasound bands. Optical replacement featuring optical and digital zoom, low-light, infra-red/ thermal. Smart weapon link integration package. Data-link integration for Hercules AI suite. (See attached file 465973/OSO for detailed specifications)

NANO-FABRICATION SYSTEM: Full onboard InterTech® nanite cloud command and control, secured by ISA Rating 28 encryption. Hard-wired organic tissue and self-replication lockout protocol as mandated by the Helsinki Accords. (See attached report: 'The Grey Goo Scenario: Controlling industrial nanotechnology at the hardware level.' Ref 234635/ISA.) Materials sourced from exterior environment, or from limited onboard stores in case of exotic elements. Extra-dimensional material storage trials suspended indefinitely in light of [REDACTED: Omega Clearance Required].

AI SUPPORT SYSTEM: 'Hercules' High-level combat support suite. AI support for language, communications, combat tactics and awareness. Integrated sensor package including LIDAR, SONAR, RADAR (active and passive) motion tracker and Geiger counters. Quantum-processing supported encryption/ decryption suite. Tight-band and wide-band radio systems from VLF to UHF. Mission-specific Quantum Entanglement communication system. SUCS combat override system allowing simulated proficiency with known and unknown weapon systems. NOTE: Operatives are still trained in manual weapon maintenance for reasons of operational stealth/ SUCS fault diagnosis.

Full scientific and historical reference database, updated through tight-link Net connection. Essential systems backed up in hard-wired nano-storage. NOTE: After a full wipe, full system restoration from nano-storage may take several days, depending on operational load.


CLASS COMMENTARY: The 'Desdemona' class is the Office's current standard infiltration model, capable of operating unsupported for extended periods without breaking operational stealth. Whilst a 'Desdemona' is fully combat-capable and comparable to a fully-equipped modern infantry soldier in tactical situations, she is no match for another Augment specifically designed for combat. (For reference, see the 'Goliath' and 'Agamemnon' classes. Note that the 'Agamemnon' is banned under the Brussels Convention.) For example, the class' armour, whilst resistant to all standard infantry firearms up to light support machine-guns and blades such as the Mk IV Fighting Knife, is incapable of withstanding artillery strikes, ABC warfare, or the standard integral weapons of the 'Agamemnon'. These deficiencies can, of course, be overcome with additional infantry equipment such as combat hard-suits or even armoured vehicles, but the use of an infiltration Operative in such a manner is usually inefficient. (Notable exception: See attached file 653268/UWN 'Andromache Platoon and the Neo-Kenya Incident')


ALTERNATE CLASSES: If a mission profile requires a male infiltrator for operational reasons, the 'Gable' class is available though these are produced in lesser numbers due to the higher cost and complexity of the model. The 'Gable' class may also be modified to allow for changes to apparent gender and/or the presentation of intersexual or hermaphroditic characteristics where required. (NOTE: See attached file 978949285/OSO 'Psychological preparation for gender dysphoria due to unusual mission profiles')

The use of female candidate bodies exclusively for the 'Desdemona' allows for a standard bio-replacement package utilising the space in the Operative's frame that would usually be occupied by the reproductive and mammary systems. By contrast the 'Gable' must employ considerably more expensive bespoke systems to fit in the lesser space available for no significant performance increase. The proposed 'Persephone' class utilising the more compact systems of the 'Gable' in the 'Desdemona' chassis to increase operational stealth is not deemed cost-effective at this time, projected to improve mission success chance by less than 1.7% at a 226.5% cost increase.


RECRUITMENT: It is Office standard policy to perform the 'Desdemona' enhancement procedure only on infants who would not be viable without extensive medical intervention, due to the fact that psychological and physiological rejection issues are mitigated by beginning the augmentation process within three months of birth. Under the Revised Anti Corporate Slavery Code, no Operative would be permitted to conceive a child, since such a child would be de facto the property of the Office (see ref 7378224/USA 'Kingston vs Visageo'), so the removal of the relevant organs is both operationally practical and legally convenient.


Examples of conditions that are considered ideal for potential 'Desdemona' Operatives include, but are not limited to:

  • Harlequin-type ichthyosis

  • Omphalocele/ Gastroschisis

  • Kyrios' Syndrome

  • Lou Gehrig's Disease/ ALS

  • HIV

  • Jenkinsopp's Syndrome (coll. 'The Black Shakes')


In all such cases, Office representatives must operate with extreme discretion, compassion, and respect towards the parents/ legal guardians (if any) of the potential candidates. Emphasis must be placed on the fact that the parents will, in all practical respects, lose their child, even though said child will live a full life and they themselves will be generously compensated. The Office will also offer all available genetic and behavioural therapies and treatments to allow the parents to conceive a new, healthy child. Even with these precautions, disclosure of any details of Operative recruitment practices to the general public or press is considered a Red level security breach.


TRAINING AND AUGMENTATION: The training of an Operative commences as soon as initial physical viability has been stabilised. Though the exact details vary from case to case, typically medical wetware is installed as soon as parental consent has been gained and custody transferred, along with any other work required to save the life of the candidate. All other wetware is also installed at this point, initially in a dormant state, allowing it to grow with the infant and giving the medical suite time to adapt to the immune system and physiology of the Operative.


Once the Operative reaches the age of 5, or at whichever later point psychological analysis deems it safe to do so, the Hercules suite is installed. At this point, with no access to enhanced sensors or muscles, it functions as little more than an information system but the early installation of the system is critical to allow the Operative to begin to get used to it. A simple retinal overlay and ear implant allows interface with the system, as well as neural implants for direct command. (Note that direct neural input from the Hercules suite to the brain has been found to be psychologically destabilising and is not employed.) At this point, the Hercules suite is used as an integral part of both play and learning- it is considered absolutely critical that Operatives enjoy a childhood that is as rich and fulfilling as that of any other child, since to do otherwise would risk personality disorders and make them easy to detect in social settings.


At the age of 12, the Operative's eyes and ears are sufficiently developed to be replaced with the relevant hardware. The other sensor package elements are also installed at this point, and introduced to training gradually over the next few years.


At 15, the skin replacement is complete. By this age, the onboard medical system is capable of directing the Hercules suite to manufacture more armouring as needed, allowing the skin to continue to grow with the body. 


Finally, usually at age 17-20 depending on candidate, the bone and muscle replacements take place, mostly through nano-assisted keyhole surgery. Over the next year or so, the Hercules suite and SUCS are gradually integrated with muscle control and reflex augmentation. Depending on the recommendation of the training staff, the Operative will begin active mission profiles, initially in a support role, at this point. Most Operatives are considered fully field-capable by the age of 21.


REJECTION/ FAILURE RATE: Currently the failure rate of the 'Desdemona' enhancement process is 0.57%, comprising two failed candidates out of 354. Both failures were due to unforeseeable medical complications and were terminal. No Operative is permitted to 'fail' their training, SUCS and Hercules integration being used to support the Operative along with any and all additional instruction that might be needed to create a usable asset.


FIELD CAPABILITIES: A 'Desdemona' class Operative is capable of both social and physical infiltration. Where necessary, Operatives use social engineering, sexual enticement/ coercion, or other methods to infiltrate target organisations, and can maintain cover for years if necessary. When the Office deems it necessary to eliminate a target individual or organisation, the Operative can fabricate assassination tools or tactical weapons in the field, hack computer systems via the Hercules suite, or simply provide intel for a tactical strike-team as required. If required to assume a cover identity, Operatives may be physically altered to look identical to the target, and the Hercules suite will provide any necessary information to maintain the cover. The ability to rapidly change clothing (via nano-fabrication), skin pigmentation, hair length and colour, and even facial structure to a limited extent allows Operatives to evade pursuit if detected, whilst their nano-manufacture abilities allow them to switch to a full tactical (including Black Tactical) mission profile at very short notice in the event of an emergency.


RETIREMENT: No 'Desdemona' class Operative has reached a level of age-related decrepitude sufficient to render them ineffective in the field as of the time of writing of this report, due both to the relative newness of the program and the self-repair capabilities of the class. However, as per standard regulations no Operative is permitted to leave the service of the Office. Non field-capable Operatives will therefore be retrained into support roles until incapable, at which point they will enter the Post Service Care Program. It is considered critical for morale that Operatives understand, believe, and have sufficient evidence to prove that they will receive literal cradle-to-grave support.


LOYALTY ENFORCEMENT SYSTEM: This information is restricted to Omega-level clearance only.


CLOSING NOTES: The 'Desdemona' class represents, in many respects, the pinnacle of the Office ideal, able to infiltrate and disrupt potential threats without a shot being fired in many situations. As of this report, the mission success rate of 'Desdemona' class Operatives is 78.6%, with a further 67.2% of the remaining cases being successfully dealt with after escalation to a full tactical level. To date, only three 'Desdemona' class Operatives have been lost in action, two of which were recovered under the Valkyrie Protocol and their hardware salvaged. (NOTE: For information on the unrecovered Operative, see case file 'Templar', Ref 99765/OSO. Omega-level clearance required.)


To date, no 'Desdemona' class operative has been exposed in the press, despite 1783 successful operations, 4648 operation-related enemy fatalities and the prevention of 147.6 million civilian casualties and TRMs (estimated) as well as the prevention of at least six strategic-level international conflicts (as defined by the Geneva Index). There can be no higher standard by which the program might be judged.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a fictional document presented in an 'in universe' style for the purposes of entertainment. No challenge is intended to any actual trademarks or organisational logos featured in this document. Any similarity to actual events, agencies or entities is entirely coincidental and frankly terrifying.

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