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Welcome to Tyrras, the world of the Thelenic Curriculum!

A world where magic is not only real, but a fact of life. Mankind rules on the land, the skies are the domain of the Dragons, and the Whales control the seas.

A world where impossible buildings defy the laws of physics through the force of will of their masons, and disease can be cured with a touch.

A world where power takes many forms, and danger countless shapes.

A world where an uneasy peace constantly threatens to collapse into devastating war.

Into this world comes Operative Amanda Devereux, a woman from the future of a world much like our own. Her technology gives her abilities most could only dream of, but nothing could prepare her for what she will encounter... and nothing will prepare those she will encounter for her.

In the novels of the Thelenic Curriculum, Fantasy and Science Fiction collide. 


When Amanda Devereux left Earth, what became of her home?

Out now on Kindle and Paperback, the first tie-in novel to explore the fate of the Earth of 2145.

Sasha Michaels has it all.


She’s got the looks, some natural, some bought-and-paid for. She’s got the fame, with over one-hundred million Omniverse subscribers and a shot at breaking into the coveted Top 100. She’s got the wealth that comes with both.


And she has the ultimate accessory, an even more famous husband. Alex Michaels is a HotDropper, a cybernetic corporate mercenary whose missions are streamed worldwide.


But when Alex is killed on only his second mission, Sasha soon finds out that everything she thought she owned is now property of his paymasters, who invested hundreds of millions in him and intend to collect on the debt. Now she must serve as a rank-and-file trooper in the militia of the LifeWise corporation, until she pays off or she dies. Some people call it indentured service, but the troopers know it by a different name.


They call it the Widow’s Tithe.

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Reviews and Testimonials

"Superbly rendered and evocative."

5-Star Amazon review, The Wake of Manadar. 


"Interesting characters in a well constructed and believable alternate reality."

5-Star Amazon review, The Third Mirror.

The Art and World of the Thelenic Curriculum

Short Stories of the Thelenic Curriculum
Follow the links below to read free short stories and background pieces set in the world of the Thelenic Curriculum 
Other writing
Non-Curriculum pieces, fan-fiction and short stories.
The Affair of the Noise in the Evening: A story of the 11th Doctor and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes.
Skylord: A story of the 12th Doctor and Ian Fleming's James Bond.
The Not-Quite Kidnap of Betty Hardin: A story of the 13th Doctor and J.T. Edson's Floating Outfit
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